Alexa Device Can’t Understand Baby Girls ‘Accent’ Turning Into Comical Showdown Going Viral

Alexa Device Can’t Understand Baby Girls ‘Accent’ Turning Into Comical Showdown Going Viral

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes getting it to do what you want is more of a hassle than it’s worth. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a choice. We now live in a world where supposedly “smart” TV’s, smartphones, and smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, rule over our lives.

In the case of Alexa, she’s supposed to do our bidding and recite walrus-in-outer-space haiku’s, give us recipes for bratwurst chowder, or even play our favorite offbeat “shark dance” song – all on command. Yet as we all know, sometimes technology can backfire on us.

Amazon regularly publishes an email newsletter outlining all the interesting questions you can ask their flagship product, but perhaps the company should concentrate their efforts on helping Alexa understand voices that have a slight accent – a baby accent, that is!

One tiny tot tried her stubborn best to get Alexa to play her favorite jam, but instead of belting out the song that she requested, Alexa kept playing everything but. If you think your personal adult struggles with technology are real, wait until you see the funny real-world problems this sweetheart has to cope with.

Mom Cryssy Turner hilariously captured the moment that her frustrated mini-me was knee-deep in conversation with the family’s Amazon Echo speaker. Even though Alexa was perched on top of the kitchen counter, that didn’t keep the exasperated girl from try to have an in-your-face conversation with the disagreeable piece of tech.

On her Facebook page, mom posted the video with an adorable caption that read:

“She tries so hard to get Alexa to play her jam. She struggled for at least 5 mins before I even started recording. ?? #babyshark #babygirl #persistence.”

Granted, if you’re just a computer that’s not fluent in baby-talk, it can be a little bit hard to understand what the toddler is trying to say. But, just about every parent out there will be able to clearly hear her say “baby shark.”

In the video, we can see the tiny angel wearing a bright yellow jacket and super cute pink hairband. She’s standing with her back to the camera, deep in conversation with Alexa, who just doesn’t get it. Mom finally steps in and puts Alexa in her place. Thankfully, “baby shark” is a real song that Alexa can grab from the digital cloud!

Just when you think this cheeky girl couldn’t get any cuter – she does! As soon as her jam comes through loud and clear, the tot starts giggling and moving her body to the “baby shark” dance. If you haven’t seen that one, then you need to watch the video below!